Saturday, March 03, 2012

Crochet hearts

Adventures in Crochet. The story continues...

I have pinned over 300 crochet patterns and tutorials on Pinterest! Plus almost 100 in my crochet inspiration board (ie - pretty things without patterns). With all that inspiration and instruction I should be set for a while! Well I'm proud to say I used a tutorial to crochet something! YIPPEE! I used the tutorial via this pin. It uses the US names for the stitches (same as the book that taught me to crochet) but if you want the UK names I think the tutorial via this pin is what you want.

The little ones aren't too bad, I just need some practice to neaten them up a bit. It was funny making the hearts - I had no idea which part of the heart I was working on and it was cool to see it finally materialise. After I'd done the two small ones I decided to follow the tutorial for the big one. It's very wonky tho LOL. I need to try that again. I'd had enough by the time I'd done those three so I'll have to practice again another time. I'm still VEEEEEERY slow!

If you're not a member of Pinterest and want to join just let me know and I can "invite" you. Then you can have access immediately. I think you can join without an invitation but it takes longer (apparently...). You can still view pins without being a member tho - you just can't pin anything yourself.


Lotti said...

Love your little crocheted hearts, very pretty. Practice makes perfect so they say.

Lis said...

Well done they look great (the big one is tension i think)and a pretty purple too.

Charlotte said...

Woo hoo!!
Yay for doing a crochet pin! They are cute!!

Sheree said...

Well done Yvette...they look great!!

Sheree xx