Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been meaning to blog about this for a few weeks but hadn't managed to organise a photographer till now. I received a lovely package in the post recently from Lis, who's also a WIWWer. Months ago I commented that I liked the top she was wearing. Recently she said she'd finished with it and was going to send it to the oppie unless I wanted it. I said "Yes please!". It was the blue top below, and she had a white one the same so sent me that too! Thanks so much Lis!!! It was such a lovely thought. :)

Tops - courtesy of Lis
Jeans - Sussan
Jacket - Op shop
Shoes - Target

Does it look like I'm standing next to the foot of the worlds most enormous elephant? It's a Bunya pine at Lanyon Homestead.


Lis said...

They look so good on you, im so glad that they fit you!!

Sheree said...

That was so thoughtful! Cute tops!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Hey Sporty Spice, where are your pigtails? I do like your giant elephant too.

Mardi said...

Thats such a lovely thought from Lis....and they really do look gorgeous on you.
Haha ...that seriously does look like an elephant foot too...
Mardi x