Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I spent a day with Moira last week, op shopping, going somewhere special for lunch and dessert, and we also went to one of my favourite shops - Material Pleasures. They sell second hand designer clothes. I'm not at all into labels, but what I love about this shop is that they always have such interesting, unique pieces. Plus they're arranged by size so it's easy to find something that will fit. This visit I bought two dresses and a cardi. And when we were there they were clearing their summer stock so it was all half price! This is one of the dresses I bought - I almost put it back cos it's soooooo tiny - super low at the neckline (should be called ribline I think) and super short. But leggings came to the rescue as usual. What do you think about the neckline Mum? "Yvette! Where is your lace?!". Yes maybe I'll even add a bit of modesty lace if I feel like it. I wore this to the Canberra show and did feel a bit showy all day. This photo looks kinda modest tho. I LOVED the unusual colours, and the three frills at the bottom. Isn't it the cutest?

Dress - Marcs
Leggings - Target
Cardi - Temt
Shoes - Pierre Fontain
Necklace - from Mum (from Diva)
Hat - from one of those temporary kiosks in the middle of a shopping mall, I love that is has a crochet grass trim!


Lis said...

Super chic!
Love the top, its very flattering on you and I didnt even notice the neckline until I rad your comments, the necklace is good for taking away from it.
I love that you wear hats, I wish I was brave enough to.

Anonymous said...

"LOL" - you said you felt "Showy" at the show....
I think it looks sensational! In this instance, not too showy for me... love it! x

Anonymous said...

Woops, Jayne wrote the last comment

Janelle Wind said...

You look totally gorgeous Yvette, I love your outfit. LOL at your neckline comments and modesty lace, too cute! I think when we are 70+ we will look back at these kinds of tops and wish we wore them more often. I say go for it, you look super cute!!!
xx Janelle

Anonymous said...

"LOL" - you said you felt "Showy" at the show....
I think it looks sensational! In this instance, not too showy for me... love it! Jayne x

Mardi said...

Love it....its a gorgeous shape for you ....and the frills are divine.
I agree with Lis....I love that you wear hats too....I so rarely do.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

"Yvette! Where is your lace"! Yes I had to say it. At least with tiny boobs that don't meet in the middle it doesn't look nearly as rude. Mind you don't get sunburnt there. It's very painful there.
I love the vintage fabric in the dress too and the hat is lovely. You must have cut quite a dash at the Canberra Show. Only 3 more sleeps till we see you.
Love Mum

Sheree said...

Another super cute outfit Yvette! I love that dress and yes the frills are so pretty!!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Lol at mums tiny boob comment. Talk about backhanded compliment!
I love the dress! The pattern & colours are really cool! Love the necklace Mum gave u. I was with her when she bought it & she thought it was a bit wild but you'd like it! Glad u do like it!
You look great. I love colours- no boring black for u!!