Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sydney - Day 3

Our last day in Sydney. We started out putting Lea and Bella on the tram bright and early.

Then Tassy and I went to Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast. We shared a savory dish and a sweet dish. :) Nothing wrong with ice cream at 8.30am.

We had another little wander around - did you know Darling Harbour doesn't wake up till 10am? Practically none of the shops open before then!

We went back to our apartment and Charlotte collected us for a little shopping adventure. She took us to an Oppie and Made590 in Newtown. Tassy was a little disappointed - or perhaps relieved - that they didn't have the freaky rabbit mannequins they have on their website and blog. I bought a cute little deer that I'd been eyeing off from Candy Stripe Cloud.

Then she took us to Mitchell Road Antiques which was amazing. There were some antiques but I would classify most of their stuff as retro. Like an oppie where other people have done the hard work, but you pay for it.

I didn't buy these deer but now I'm kind of wishing I did. I'm pretty sure one of my sisters or I had this. A doe chained to her babies, made from cheap plastic. So sweet though.

And this stereo jewellery box is SO familiar too - I think my grandparents might have had one.

Oh, and we were pretty amazed by this mega lego car.

Here's what I did buy.

A beautiful Scandinavian teatowel (apparently). I love the design and the colours. It's a very unusual shape - only about 20cm wide and over a metre long! I didn't realise until I washed and ironed it that it has a hole and a few threadbare spots. What a shame. :(

A piece of brushed cotton fabric - no idea what to do with it yet.

And this beautiful Christmas card. I'd like to frame it - tracking down the right sized frame might be tricky tho. Isn't it beautiful.

Then it was back home on the bus and the end of a couple of wonderful days in Sydney. It was a really special little getaway. :)


Sheree said...

What a fun trip you girls have had together! Great pics Yvette! Love your purchases!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

What a lot you packed into your Mini Break. Tassy's eyes look a little puffy in the morning at Darling Harbour. I bet you were both tired when you got home. What a grat holiday. You'll have to do it again sometime!
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

I had so much fun on our little morning out! It was just like u lived nearby :) I loved it!
Can u come back again soon? I wish I had a house u could come stay in!

felixsmum said...

My boyfriend and i went to the same pancake place when we were in Sydney last year, was amazingggg!
Love the little bunny ornaments behind the deers, very kitsch.