Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome aboard ladies and gentlement. We hope you enjoy your flight this fine day.

I totally didn't think I looked like a Flight Attendant till I saw these photos. LOL

Top - Temt
Cardi - Temt
Scarf - Sportsgirl
Skirt - Op Shop
Shoes - Pierre Fontaine
Bangle - Op Shop
Absence of watch - I lost my beloved 12yo watch that day... HEARTBROKEN!

Rest in Peace...


Charlotte said...

Hehe flight attendant! Can I get a cup of tea & a tiny bag of nuts? Lol! That skirt is a great op shop find!
So sad about ur watch :( I hope it still turns up!

WV: Worsm
Nothing is Worsm losing your fave piece of jewelry!

Anonymous said...

oooh how sad about your watch. How did you lose it?
I chuckled at your flight attendant outfit. Yes very applicable. haha.

Love Mum

Art by Wiley said...

I LOVE this outfit combo! Sorry about your watch :( Very sad.

Sheree said...

Oh no that you've lost your watch Yvette! :( How sad! Love your cute outfit though!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I wouldn't have noticed the flight attendant thing until you said Welcome aboard. LOL
Sorry about your watch. :( I am feeling sad about my lost spiral pendant. :(