Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crochet sleeping bag

Only Blythe sized of course! This was a very experimental endeavour. I didn't know how to join the mini granny squares together. I started out stitching them together with white wool but I didn't like how indiscreet that was - all the squares being different colours... So that was the back, and when I came to doing the front I thought I'd try the "join as you go" method, which I did quite like, but I'd already made quite a few granny squares for the front... so I wasn't able to do all the joins properly... I'm still learning lots and I'm a very green beginner! I'm very proud of my scalloped edge though!


nicole said...

oh it's fabulous! looking very neat and tidy!
you'll be a pro in no time :D

Anonymous said...

oh it's gorgeous and Myst seems to love it. I have never learned to join as I go so well done.

Love Mum

Lea said...

Yes I agree with nic youll be a pro in no time. As i mentioned to you...your beginner skills improved rapidly.lol.and i havfe noticed you pinning lots of fancy crochet pattens. Sent from my phone i hope that explains.

Lis said...

I love it, the colours are so pretty and you have done a fab job, the edging is great!
Couple links for you that I have used for sewing together granny squares.



Sheree said...

Oh that is so cute Yvette! You've done a fabulous job with your crochet!!! So clever!!

Sheree xx