Friday, January 27, 2012


Did you know I'm a farmer? Yeah... got bout a thousan head a worm. I've had a worm farm for a year or so and I love those little guys. My in-laws knew I wanted to get a worm farm and found one for me at a garage sale.

Let me count the ways (aka reasons) in which I love my farm.
1. I hate contributing to landfill.
2. Their wees and poos make my plants happy.
3. I haven't had any success with compost heaps/bins.
4. They're the only pets I'll allow. I always end up being the one who does the dirty work with pets, which frustrates me cos I've never been the one who actually wanted the pets. So I say no more pets. Unless they're worms. Worms are all about the poop.

So you want to see my farm? Let me take you out to have a look around.

Here tis, conveniently located outside the laundry door. At the top is the working paddock (scraps), below that is the resting paddock (poop), and the bottom one is the dam (urinal).

Here's the working paddock. Mmmmm look at all that yummy worm food.

Here's the resting paddock. It used to look like the working paddock. It's the worm poo ready to add to my garden.

There are still quite a few worms in there tho. I really don't know what they think they're eating in there cos I think it's all worm poo. And a few egg shells.

And here's the worm wee. They sure make a lot of wee. I rarely, rarely add any water to the scraps so it amazes me how much wee they produce! It's good for plants too. I dilute it with water, about 10:1 (these bottles are all undiluted). Don't mistake the liquid for coke tho, like Dave did. "Why are there bottles of coke ouside the laundry door?". Seriously! Lucky he didn't take it any further than curiosity!

Here is some worm poo ready to mix in with some potting mix. In all the time I've had the worm farm this is the first time I've actually used the poo! They do lots more wees than poos. Is this too much toilet talk?

Do you have a worm farm? Or do you think you might like to start one? They're so easy, a great way to get rid of your kitchen scraps and a great organic fertilizer for the garden. I know you can get worm farm kits from places like Bunnings. Just a few things to remember...

* They don't like citrus or onion families. Also no dairy or meat etc (like a normal compost heap - you don't want to attract mice).
* They like all other fruit and vege scraps, bread, hair and shredded paper (I always forget to give them paper).
* My worms seem to be particularly fond of banana peel and avocado seeds.
* I used to be a little concerned about some other little creatures coming to graze in my scraps paddock - like fruit flies and slaters, even slugs (urgh - most abhorable creatures). But they seem to be almost permanent residents now and they don't cause any problems. They all seem to get along and get the job done together.


Zara said...

I'm wanting to start a worm farm. Especially seeing as there's no Green waste wheelie bin here, unlike our old place. And i hate having to chuck all the vegie peelings and scraps into the garbage bin taking up all that landfill space.
Where did you get your worm farm setup from, plus the worms?

Charlotte said...

Get up and in for Cotton Eye Joe!
Howdy! I love your farm. I mistook a bottle of worm wee you gave to Mum and Dad for diet coke too. You really should take the labels off! LOL!
I love the descriptions ;) There is never enough poop talk on blogs I find. Its amazing how they turn all that fruit and veg into poop
when they are so small! And who would have thought they'd wee. I guess its gotta go somewhere.
We have a compost bin. It's awesome! It does stink though. I feel so good about where the peelings are going when I make Jai's purees, I would HATE them to just go in the bin! The compost makes my veggie plants SPRING up! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love it... I love the farmer talk... great job. Edith gave us Poo Tea for Xmas from her ag farm at school. She also gave it to Ross & Judy, we were given them at church and when Ron & Edith drove off Judy rang them and said "thanks for the sh***" we all laughed. It is so unlike our generation to use that sort of language!! Anyway I have watered it down and fed my garden and yes it has sprung up too. Love u AAJ

I Love To Op Shop said...

Oh yes, I do the "wiggily worm" song a few times a week with my toddler, he loves having a look at them. I had never thought of myself as a farmer until now though!!

Vanessa said...

Yep, I love my worm farm. one of the best eco things I have done.

Anonymous said...

Wow I LOVE your farm. It must have been growing up on a lucerne farm in Grafton that gave you the incentive. I laughed as I read your descriptions. I loved it. Perhaps you can make proper labels for your product and give it away as gifts as Edith did, now we are all so ecology conscious and gardeners.
Love Mum .....Just look at this WORD VERIFCICATION i was dealt.
WV: poopyco
Is that your business name Yvette?????

Mardi said...

Haha....Im a worm farmer too.. I am new to it though.....I was finding composting to be a bit Ive not long had my worms....but I already love them....
I have a similar set up...although mine is round.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a worm farm, for the same reasons! And I also told the kids they were our pets. I've resisted pets for exactly the same reason (and what would we do when we go back to SA to see family?) Since we got the chooks we haven't had the worm farm, and the chooks also eat citrus, onion, etc. :)
Moi x