Monday, July 18, 2011

Vintage Fair

Tassy and I went to a Vintage Fair yesterday. I don't know how long this fair has been around but I'd never heard of it before! We had so much fun there - so many beauuuuuutiful old things all in the one place. And for sale! Like a a lovely 1920s flapper dress for about $1000. I would love to have taken heaps of photos but I didn't want to do it without asking permission and I only asked two stallholders. Here are some gorgeous things I spied...

Aren't these shoes to die for!!! Alas they were so tiny they were even a smidge too small for Tassy!

What did I buy? A whole lot of vintage buttons on cards and a beautiful little 1950s brooch. I was pretty stoked!


Sheree said...

That must have been so much fun Yvette! I love the brooch you lovely!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

The pig is cuuuute!! Lol! I love vintage buttons on cards, those are lovely ones. What will u do with them? The brooch is beautiful too :)