Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY time again! Janelle shared a link to great little clip about buying second hand clothes that I thought was just great - have a look! I buy plenty of new clothes but I do like to buy some second hand clothes and wear hand-me-downs from one of my sisters (not that I wouldn't like to wear hand-me-downs from my other sisters, they just don't have the wardrobe turnover that Alicia has!)

Long Sleeve Top - Kmart
Short Sleeve Jacket - Just Jeans (hand me down from Alicia)
Skirt - David Lawrence (from Material Pleasures preloved clothing)
Leggings - some cheap and nasty clothing shop
Boots - Dianna Ferrari
Red Deer Brooch -

Be sure to check out Charlotte, Janelle and Mardi's blogs for more clothing inspiration!


Sheree said...

Another cute outfit Yvette!

Sheree xx

Janelle Wind said...

You look stunning Yvette, I LOVE your outfit. So glad you are joining in too xx Janelle

Mardi said...

You gorgeous thing you!!
oh....and Yay!!!!!! you can crochet....Im so excited!!!
M xx