Friday, July 29, 2011

Last weekend

Tassy and I had a lovely weekend with our dear friends Lea and Bella. Here's a bit of a photo diary from our weekend.

We followed this bizarro sculpture for a little while after leaving Canberra! We couldn't come up with any ideas on what they might do with it! It had a fat tree trunk sticking out the back of it. Weird!

We went to a bonfire the first night which Tassy thought was great.

A bit of sparkler fun...

Our final morning...

On the way home we went to Monte Cristo at Junee. It was a beautiful old house. It was completely derelict when the current owners bought it in the 1960s and they renovated and furnished it beautifully. The owners are very old now and unfortunately it needs a bit more maintenance.

Tassy wanted her photo taken in front of this sign... "Australia's most haunted homestead" and even though she didn't seem particularly scared she stuck pressed to my side the whole time we were in the house. I had to extract her so that we could go up the staircase LOL. She jumped at every little noise.

Ooooooooooo a penny farthing!

One of my friends has stayed overnight here and stayed in one of the attic rooms with the dormer windows. It would be fun to do that and do the ghost tour at night!

Check out this yo-yo bedspread. Isn't it amazing!


Lea said...

oh my scruffy kids! and that picture of the girls-the height difference always makes me smile. i might have to visit the homestead if only for a look at the yoyo bedspread-who is standing next to the bed in the picture???-a ghost??!

Mardi said...

How lovely Yvette.....time with good friends is just wonderful.
Looks like you had a wonderful time...and I love the look of that reminds me a bit of Martindale hall that we visited near here... arent they so interesting....just imagining the people who lived in them...and what their life would have been like.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

I never got to Monte Cristo when we were living in Cootamundra in 1972, but I doubt that it was open for exhibition then. They would have still been working on it. Doesn't it remind you of Telarah in Oliver Street Grafton. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to live in a house like that. Although our house in Grafton was big, two storey and a bit of land around it, so I guess that was the modern version. It was a lovely house of ours to bring you girls up in.
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

Wow that is a beautiful house! I hope if the old owners sell it that the new owners will put some money into it's upkeep. HOw come it is the most haunted house? Did they have lots of stories to back up that claim??!
That is one freaky sculpture to follow too. Maybe they just drive around with it in the truck to freak out other drivers ;)

WV: inkshor
You know those beaches that have black sand? Thats called inkshor.

Sheree said...

What a great way to spend the weekend Yvette! Love your photos! How weird that must've been when you first saw that sculpture! LOL That yo-yo bedspread really is amazing...imagine how long it took to make...eek!!

Sheree xx

Rachel Greig said...

I've stayed overnight at Monte Christo. Nothing strange happened in our room, but the couple next door had an "experience" of some sort and came running out screaming! LOL. Something to do with an old woman ghost, can't remember the story though.