Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and time for another ensemble. I wonder how long I can keep this up before I run out of outfits, LOL.

I bought some clothes from Ruche recently. I love their website - so many beautiful beautiful things there. But I was disappointed with the quality of the clothes when they arrived. :( I bought a cardigan which looks gorgeous in the picture, but the quality is really bad. And one sleeve is even a full 5cm shorter than the other! I'm sending that back cos it's not even wearable but I'm keeping the three dresses I bought. Two are fine and this one is the third. It's OK, but the sleeves are too short for me (they looked so generous in the picture... but I do have freakishly long arms). Do they look silly? I do love the crochet flowers at the bottom of the dress.

Dress - Ruche
Leggings - Target
Boots - Myer
Bracelets - Diva and Op Shop

Please let me know if you're joining in WIWW along with Janelle, Mardi and Charlotte.


Mardi said...

Awww look always!
I love that dress.
Its such a shame you feel the sleeves are too short....I didn't actually notice that....all I noticed was the gorgeous pop of colour from the two beautiful bangles you had on.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

I love how you always look like a magazine model in your WIWW pics! I don't think the sleeves are too short & as Mardi said gives an opportunity for some funky jewellery..... I also thought that you don't get your sleeves wet when you are washing-up!!! I wore 3/4 length at Amy's party and didn't have one wet cuff.. aaj

Janelle Wind said...

You look stunning Yvette, I love that dress and the crochet, swoon. I don't think the sleeves look too short at all. I think the gorgeous bangles really help your whole outfit pop, love it!! xx Janelle

Jodi Dolbel said...

Gorgeous! What a totally fun idea!!!

Lea said...

Youre lovely and funny too and you look like a model. Loved seeing you again. X

Kylie said...

GOR-GE-OUS!! if you hadn't of said about the short sleeves i wouldn't have looked twice, jsut figured they were 3/4 :0) lovely lovely bangles too.

Charlotte said...

I like the 3/4 sleeves & I agree with AJ, theyre good for washing up! I always liked 3/4 sleeve tops at work cos they didn't interfere with my lab gown sleeves or gloves!
Total bummer about the Ruche quality, how come Liz & Elsie never mentioned THaT!! Can u liken it to anything I can identify with? I can't believe the sleeve was 5cm shorter!! They don't have QC??

Lis said...

Love the dress, you look amazing! The one thing that puts me of buying clothes online is not knowing what im going to get. I agree with Mardi, I wouldnt of noticed the lenght of the arms if you hadnt pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit. I love the dress and the crocheted flowers. Does Tassy take your fashion shots?
The sleeves aren't too short, they're just styled that way! Remember it's HOW you wear it!!
Love Mum