Monday, August 01, 2011

Pop-in visitors

My sister Felicity and her family popped in yesterday on their way home to Sydney from the snow. I was SO excited to have them here, even for only and hour and a bit. It helps me to feel like I'm not quite so far away from my family. It would have been a long trip home for them so I really appreciated them calling in.

Tassy gave us a mini concert then they all joined in too with a beautiful trio.

Sienna played beautifully for us.

And a quick self taken pic before they left.
Oh this one's a bit far away. Let's zoom in a little for the next one.

Woah, that's a close one!


Charlotte said...

Oh I didn't know they were calling in! That's awesome! Tassy must have had fun with C & S! The pic of them all at the piano is so cute!

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The bikes the police ride around on.

Lea said...

Oh that pic of them all playing is so cute. I am looking fwd to hearing tassy play when we visit.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely for Tassy to have her cousins visit her in her own home and show them her room and her piano. The photo of them all at the piano is so gorgeous. I just LOVE Tassy's top and the big flower brooch.
Love Mum