Monday, June 27, 2011

A nice photo and a school portrait

I found this old printed photo with my scrapbooking supplies. I'm not sure what page I had in mind when I had it printed years ago but I do love the photo. She IS my darling.

After months of waiting Tassy finally got her school photos back! She was well and truly sick of hearing me ask if she got them back. I'm using the same design for all her school portraits so her school album has some kind of consistency. Each page is very different tho. You can see some old ones here and here. The punched out half circle at the top is an invitation to look at the class photo which is stored behind this layout in the album.


Charlotte said...

Oh Tassy looks so small in the first pic!! Wow she has grown up so much in 3 years! Love the page- your hand-dyed doilies are beautiful. I love the ones u sent me for my birthday!!
And look at her looooooong hair in the school pic! Wow!! I think it's a great idea to do the same LO for each school pic, it's easy to compare them all then :)

Anonymous said...

I love Tassy's new school photo layout. I love the vintage picture of the two little girls. I love that you do the same layout, it is a wonderful idea. I can't believe how she has grown up so much in 3 years either.
Love Mum

WV: perdi
Tassy sure looks perdi in her school photos.

Anonymous said...

I have plans to do same-design school albums for my kids. I'll get there one day!

Love your 'DARLING' layout! Cute photo.

Moi x