Saturday, June 25, 2011

The streaker (LOL)

I got a pink streak in my hair!

Nahhhh... just kidding. I got my hair cut this week and noticed some hair extensions in all different colours so I bought one for Tassy. She asked how it worked and since her hair was in braids I put it in my hair to show her. Then I said "ohhhh.... hmmmm... I kinda like it. I might keep it for myself!". I was just teasing. But I kept it in to fool Dave when he got home. He just looked at me and kinda pulled a just-sucked-a-lemon face and went "hmmmmmmm......." and finally "I don't like your new FAKE HAIR!". I had him fooled for a little while tho.


Anonymous said...

Just for a bit of fun. I don't really like it on you. On Tassy it would be ok. I think because of it's bright colour it makes you look 'cheap' and you're so not.
Love Mummy

WV: rensten
WWhere's the rensten of what I gave you?"

Anonymous said...

Just had to do this Word Verification.
WV: synyli

You synyli thing you, getting a pink hair extension.

Love Mum

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO..... I don't like it, its not you, don't do that to your BEAUTIFUL hair. love us lots aaj

Charlotte said...

What a REBEL!! Next ur gonna get ur ear pierced 3 times! Oh wait.....

WV: Lints
There is always Lints between Jaimeson's fingers &
Toes! How do they get there??

Anonymous said...

I'm with your Mum. :) Moi x