Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

I'm joining in with Mardi and Janelle's What I Wore Wednesdays posts. It sounds like a bit of fun - why not. Maybe just the once. :)

I have lots of trouble finding clothes to fit me. Pants aren't long enough, sleeves aren't long enough, jackets aren't broad enough across the shoulders. Yes I am a freak. So it's SO exciting when I do find things that fit me! Like this trenchcoat which is my latest purchase.

So here's what I wore on the weekend.

Hemp floral top - Target c2008
Jeans - Target long length (trust me - very hard to find!)
Boots - Diana Ferrari @ Myer
Vintage Country Road Trenchcoat - Preloved clothing store ($45)

I love clothes! I'm looking forward to seeing more of these posts - even if it's just Janelle and Mardi!


Janelle Wind said...

YAY Yvette, thank you so so much for playing along. You look absolutely gorgeous and I love your boots, your trench coat, it is all beautiful! You are such a beautiful girl, in and out - and I love seeing what you wear too. PLEASE keep playing xx Janelle

Sheree said...

Oh I love that trench Yvette and those boots are fabulous!!

Sheree xx

Lea said...

What a great price for your trenchcoat. Cute too.

Mardi said...

Yay!....yay!.. yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
So glad you joined in....and you look absolutely gorgeous.
I adore that coat.....and your whole have such style.
I was thinking reading your post.... isn't it funny...I always have to chop at least a foot off all my pants.....and here you are struggling to find some long enough.
M xx

Charlotte said...

Lol! You are not a freak!
Love the trench and the boots, you look beautiful!
If I played along you'd see a constant string of posts of me in my PJ's or trakkies. So I don't think I'll be playing! LOL!

WV: suser
If your pants were too long you could cut them with a pair of suser, but you have the opposite problem!

Anonymous said...

Bummer - Blogger ate my comment. You look great, as always. I think you wore the trench to CJ's party?! I'm looking forward to the Jag jacket making an appearance!
Moi x

Anonymous said...

Can I be congratulated for encouraging you to buy that coat when I was with you? I saw a brocade jacket in the same shop which I have soooo regretted not trying on to see if it fitted me. I have had 2 occasions so far when I could have worn it!! Please encourage me to try on something next time I'm with you Yvette.
I still haven't found any knee high boots that fit yet either. I tried on 2 pair in Myer but no go.
Love Mum
WV: prohstl
I would have felt so prohstl wearing my new brocade coat if I had bought it.