Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Wife Ever

Sorry girls but apparently *I* am the best wife ever. The husband who never raves over my food, raved over a very simple breakfast on the weekend! I made up this recipe and if I do say so myself these are mighty fine! We loved them! I'm calling them Breakfast Pizzas. Do you want to be the best wife ever? If so, follow instructions below...

Breakfast Pizza

shaved ham
grated cheese

The secret is to cook these babies in an electric frypan with the lid on. The frypan makes the tortillas lovely and crisp and popping the lid on the frypan traps the heat so the egg cooks and the cheese melts.

Are you ready?

Spray the frypan with cooking spray and place a tortilla in the bottom. Break an egg on top and use a fork to pierce the yolk and gently swirl it around to cover the tortilla. Add a few pieces of chopped ham and some grated cheese. Put the lid on and leave to cook until the cheese melts. The egg may be slightly undercooked but that's the way we like it. Of course if you like your eggs thoroughly cooked just cook until you're happy with it.

Here are some pizzas part way thru cooking. I can fit two in my frypan. Tassy and I had one each and Dave ate two, so I did them in two batches.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a fantastic idea. And fancy photographing them while you were cooking.
We'll have to try them sometime. Such a gourmet idea!!
PS I LOVE your Typo birds and keys. I love personalising bought stuff and making your own.
Love Mum
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We saves our corksfor recycling.

Mardi said...

Yum yum yummo!!!!
These look delish.... I'm going to try these out on the weekend.
Thanks so much for sharing 'best wife ever'.
Mardi xx

Charlotte said...

Good Work "Best Wife Ever!" They look yummy! I don't have an electric frypan :( Do you think I could do it in a rice cooker? HAHAHA, jokes. I do have a stove top frypan with a lid so I could try that!

WV: dicide
Whatever I dicide to do, I'll let you know if it works!

Lea said...

hmmm we'll be trying these too. you know i am always on the lookout for new breakie ideas.