Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last weekend Tassy and I went to the Handmade Markets. I do love the Handmade Markets and since they're only on three times a year I don't like to miss any! This time we didn't buy anything other than some yummy food, but on the way home we called in to Typo at DFO and bought a few lovely things in there! I do love their throwout tables! I bought a few things to alter and we spent the next day playing with our new things.

I got a couple of sticky tape dispensers for 50c each (originally $10!) and covered them with some of my new washi tapes (I now have over 30 washi tapes... is that too many? I think I'm addicted to buying them.). Tassy decorated one too.

I'm so thrilled with how it looks now! It kind of reminds me of those gorgeous mixed wallpaper walls I've been seeing on the net and in magazines. The washi tape is from here. They have such gorgeous designs I haven't seen anywhere else.

I bought all they had of these left over Christmas decorations. Packs of 4 wooden birds, or 4 red keys for 50c! Down from $10! I painted the birds red and while the paint was wet I sprinkled them with red glitter. It was so easy cos I didn't even paint the fiddly bits (the sides) - they were already charred from being cut so blended in nicely!

I'm thrilled with how these turned out too! They'll be perfect on my red tree again this year.

Every time I go into Typo I think about buying a babushka mug but... they are... kind of a bit boring. When I saw they were marked down to $5 (from $10) I had the brilliant idea of painting them with Tassy's glass paints. Now these didn't turn out quite as well as they looked in my head. I mean they turned out the same, but don't look as good, if you know what I mean! I still like them tho. Tassy's is the unfinished one on the right.

Also in the throwout table I bought some broken baroque frames and a broken wooden tree. You can see them here on the wall in our spare room. I glued the tree back together (you'd never guess it was broken!) and kept the matching one for something else (it was one of those 3D trees - two pieces that slot together). I painted the frames and along with some other frames they hold some Black Apple prints Charlotte gave me for Christmas which I just love. Tassy thinks the one at the top right is a portrait of of her.

I will leave you with some yummy food I got at the markets. Macarons! They were sooo good! Not to mention pretty! I am going to make some myself one of these days. Check out these photos of their stall. I was like a kid in a candy store!


Charlotte said...

Wow!! U got some total BARGAINS! the sticky tape dispenser looks great! Boy u do have lots of washi tape! That's one reason I'd like to go back to JapAn- buy more washi! Lol :) I like Typo too tho I wish we had a clearance store here too!
Love the red glittery birds too, they're fabulous! I love your colour coordinated Christmas tree. So beautiful!

Wv: chloxic
I'm glad we don't have a typo clearance store or it would be chloxic to my wallet!

Mardi said...

I was over the moon reading your post header.... I'm so in the 'altering' mood at the
Totally LOVE your tape dispenser ...and I have serious envy over your clearance table finds.....and your washi tape stash.
I adore your print wall too....its just gorgeous..

I agree with Charlotte....a typo clearance store would definitely be chloxic to my (Wv: elarald) wallet.

Lea said...

I only just went to typo for the first time recently when we went to clinic.we went at rhodes so a visit to ikea as well. Love your bargains and your cluster of frames. Gorgeous.

Lea said...

i just came back to enlarge the pic of your frames. i love the yellow floral-is it sheeting or paper?

Anonymous said...

What a great job you did of the sticky tape holder. I haven't bought a spindle for mine yet. I did have a look in the cheap shop for one I may be able to use. I haven't filled my frames yet. What do I do with my time???
Have embroidered 10 babygirl singlets yesterday and today for an order.
Love Mum
WV: cheut
I never cheut on my tax form!

Anonymous said...

Yvette I LOVE your Babuska mugs.

Anonymous said...

My sister Claire put me onto macarons! I just gave her a macaron recipe book for her birthday. :)
Moi x