Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm joining in again with Mardi and Janelle's What I Wore Wednesday. It's the headless lady today. Maybe it's not really me!

Top - handed down from my sister Alicia
Scarf - Target
Skirt - I made this from a tablecloth I bought at an Op Shop. I made Tassy a wrap around skirt from the same tablecloth - hers is MUCH nicer than mine but there wasn't enough fabric to go all the way around me. She's much skinnier than I am!
Boots - Dianna Ferrari at Myer

Is anyone else playing along? Trust me, it's fun!


Felicity said...

You look lovely!! But would look nicer with a head!! ;-) I love that skirt (i remember seeing it in another post when you made them) and it looks lovely with the purple/eggplant colour.
Did you end up ordering the dresses from Ruche? I tried to get the dusk til dawn one but the website only had XL+ left :-(

WV: essingn - I essingn and i dont care watcha say!

Janelle Wind said...

Bless you Yvette, you look SOOO stunning! We are so super excited that you are playing along with WIWW too. You look gorgeous in your outfit and we love your skirt. You have made our day xxx Mardi and Janelle

Charlotte said...

Hey Headless Woman! Was it a bad hair day? LOL! I love the outfit. Eclectic and stylish. Kinda like Josh and Jenna's first room on The Block. You know the one they did in the warehouse with the cool second hand furniture? It was my fave room.
If I was playing WIWW, I would have another pic of me in my PJ's, though I managed to have a shower at 11:30 and so put on trakkies and a house jumper. YOu know how Oprah says don't have house clothes, all your clothes should be worthy of being seen in? Well, luckily I live near Bankstown, which means ALL my clothes are worthy of being seen in. Whether they have holes, are 25 years old, don't match, are mens clothes, are faded, are camoflage, have paint on them, are 2 sizes too small, or just smell like sweat. Ah, a suburb with very low standards, I fit right in these days! LOL!

WV: mislym
In Auburn there are lots of mislyms. True.

Lea said...

omg those kingman girls! i love your skirt. i will have to try and make one out of one of my gazillion tablecloths. well you look lovely and i can picture your smiling face. i'm with charlotte tho...i'm still inmy jeans and uggies. no matter, i'm warm ans sick!! just in case i haven't mentioned:)

Cherie said...

Love the skirt Yvette, you look gorgeous!!

Cherie xx

Anonymous said...

Love that skirt! Love your outfit!
Moi x