Saturday, July 02, 2011

Caoimhe's towel

Tassy and I went to the 13th birthday party of a very special friend of ours. Mum recently appliqued Tassy's name on a towel for her birthday so that inspired me to make a similar one for Caoimhe (pronounced Keeve). It was the first time I've appliqued on a towel - it was a bit tricky, even trickier because you can't lower the feed dogs on my sewing machine, but I thought it turned out really well (if you don't look too closely!).

Happy birthday Caoimhe! :)


Mardi said...

Gosh that is have done an amazing job.... I've often admired them before...but I've never tried.
(Thanks for the pronouciation...I had wondered that... such a sweet name)
Mardi x

Charlotte said...

Oh i LOVE it! The fabrics are great! Was it hard to cut out the letters?

WV: nolonath
I used to have one, but now I have nolonath (whatever a lonath is!)

Sheree said...

Wow you clever thing!! This looks fabulous!!! Love it Yvette!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Yvette the towel is gorgeous. I love your fabrics. Looking closely at the stitching I see it is just as good as mine! I found it very difficult to do the satin stitch. Blanket stitch is so much easier, but the satin stitch looks better I think.
Love Mum
WV Lumperz
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Anonymous said...

You know I think this is awesome. Glad to read four other people think so too.
Caoimhe had a great birthday! Thanks for helping make it special.
Moi x

Lea said...

i love this too. clever and i've been thinking about moi lately. hope all is well. i look fwd to an update when i see you on the weekend:))))