Thursday, July 01, 2010

School portrait

Tassy got her school photos this week and I was surprised to see a lovely natural smile! We've been seeing a lot of the fake smile with the squinty eyes and head tilt lately. I was inspired to scrapbook it straight away. I've been using the same design for all her school portraits and it's kinda fun to see how my scrapping style has changed from year to year, and of course seeing how my girl has changed from year to year! You can see the previous years here. When it's in her album the punchout at the top of the page shows a glimpse of the class photo, which hides behind the layout.


KimA said...

That is a great idea with the punch out at the top to show a sneak of the class photo. I was wondering how to do Benson's as their class photo is in a lovely folder with a photo of the school and I didn't want to chop it up. I think I will use something like you have Yvette.

Mardi said...

Im so impressed that you have scrapped this already....Tassys album of school pic will look amazing.
Sadly Ive never scrapped one single school pic of my thats 12+12+11= 35 school photos never recorded...oooops

Sheree said...

What a lovely pic of Tassy! I love your album idea and it's fantastic that you're up to date with it. Hmmm...I haven't scrapped any school pics yet either. I've only got 4 so far...I'd better get moving and do them before I fall too behind! LOL

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

I love that you use the same LO for each year! What a great way to flick back through and see how she's grown each year :)

I can really see Dave in Tassy this year!

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