Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More from Charlotte's baby shower

I organised a few activities for Charlotte's baby shower.

We had a guessing competition for Peabody's birth date and sex. Everyone wrote their name and boy/girl on a date on this page. I forget to get an "after" photo. Do'h! The funny thing was that there were about 18 votes for BOY and only 2 for GIRL! There will be a lot of surprised people if it's a girl!

We played a what's-the-baby-animal-called game. Did you know a baby ape is called a baby? And a baby alpaca is called a cria? Mum got both of them right! Mum won that game of course. She's good at that, LOL. So am I for that matter but I wouldn't have guessed those two!

Felicity organised a Price is Right game where we had to match up a price with a product. It's so hard, especially when it's a while since you've bought baby products! The only one I got right was the chocolate bar, which was the mother's reward for doing the shopping. :) I'd be surprised if I got that wrong!

I also asked everyone to bring a glass bead so I could make a bracelet for Charlotte to wear until the baby is born (and beyond). The idea being that each time she looks at it she can remember all the people who are supporting her. I took along a lot of spares for people who didn't bring one. One of my friends told me they did this at her baby shower and I thought it was a beautiful idea.

Only one month or less until my new niece or nephew arrives! SO EXCITING!!

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Charlotte said...

Thanks for organising the bracelet, I just LOVE it! And I have been wearing it :) Its good to wear it now cos I can't wear my wedding rings anymore so at least I can still wear something special that has meaning!
Only about 2 weeks to go for Peabody now.... eeek!

WV: singlyzz
There aren't many singlyzz amongst my friends now cos everyone is getting married!