Friday, April 08, 2011

Charlotte's baby shower

Tassy and I went to Sydney last weekend for Charlotte's baby shower. She still has seven weeks to go but our sister Alicia had her baby 7 weeks early and missed out on her baby shower, so it's wise to get these things out of the way early!

Charlotte is right into everything Woodland, so of course it was a woodland baby shower! There were woodland decorations and woodland food. Woodland baby clothes strung on a line and woodland presents.

We stayed with Mum and Dad on Sunday night and they took us to Wollongong Harbour for a lunch and a play before we came home on Monday.

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Mardi said...

How beautiful Yvette.....I know Ive said it before....but its are all such beautiful girls...and I love your sense of family and celebration.
Its warming to read your post....and see the love.
Also loved your birthday post...and that yummy adventurous lunch...
Mardi x