Saturday, April 09, 2011

Peabody's Quilt

I have been secretly working on a quilt for Charlotte's baby, which of course I couldn't share on my blog cos she reads it! So I will share some photos of it now that she has received it!

I wanted to choose woodland (Charlotte's favourite) fabrics for the quilt. I found the owl fabric and Tassy was a great help finding the fawn fabric. Thanks Tassy! I initially bought four fabrics and thought I would mix them up with lots of fabrics from my stash at home. I selected some fabrics from my stash and sat them all together in a pile for a week or two, and while I loved them... I thought they were probably a bit MUCH for a baby. So I ended up just using the four new fabrics with a lot of white. I think it's pretty perfect for a baby.

Shame about the lighting in these outdoor shots.

Tassy was modeling the quilt for me and this photo was her idea. Very creative of you Tassy - thanks!

I had so much fun making this quilt and cos it was so small it came together so quickly. I'm so glad you like it Charlotte!


Charlotte said...

Oh I DO LOVE IT! And Peabody will love it also :)
I had no idea you were making me a quilt, thank you so much, I know it would have been a lot of time and heaps of effort for you! We will certainly cherish it!! xoxoxo

WV: anling
If there is anling I can do in return, let me know!

Sheree said...

It's absolutely beautiful Yvette! I love the colours and gorgeous fabrics you've used!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Yvette! Well done.
Moi x