Monday, April 25, 2011


We started the day by colouring some eggs for Easter breakfast. We drew on some with crayons while the eggs were hot which was cool cos the crayons melt. We dyed some with food colouring, which is never too successful for us, unless you remove the sheels and dye the egg white. That turns out great! Tassy thought this spotty one was very cool - we dyed it with the shell on and when we removed the sheel the egg white had green chicken pox! That hasn't happened before!

We had an Easter lunch at Dave's parents' including an Easter Egg Hunt. My niece Lara was so funny. She was SO excited and rushed from one egg to the next. She couldn't contain her excitement! Beforehand Nanny was concerned about Tassy getting all the eggs and asked if she would be OK to share them with Lara. Well that wasn't a problem - Lara ended up with the most eggs!

And I don't think I've shared a photo of our new niece Sophie - Dave's sister's baby and Lara's little sister. She is 5 weeks old now. She's so tiny - still not as big as Tassy when she was born. So adorable to hold such a tiny baby.


Charlotte said...

I can't believe that at 5 weeks Sophie is still not as big as Tassy was born!! Wow! We have another Ultrasound for Peabody this week and he/she should probably weigh about 2.6kg! Chunking it up now!!

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Sheree said...

Sounds like the girls had lots of fun with their egg hunt! LOL Little Sophie is adorable Yvette...what a cutie!

Sheree xx