Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holiday Fun

Tassy's friend Lucy came over for a bit of holiday fun. They asked if I had any suggestions for activities. I went thru a few which were met with "meh" until I said "build a cubbyhouse". Both faces lit up instantly! So they built a cubbyhouse out of dining chairs and blankets and had their afternoon tea and a play in there. The cubbyhouse has lasted for a few days now.

This is what we had for afternoon tea. A "last minute" microwave cake. I can't say it's my pride and enjoy, cos I do love to bake, but it's great when you need something in say, 5 mins from start to finish! I got this recipe at a Tupperware party a few years ago.

It's surprisingly yummy and really light. You only need to have three ingredients on hand... a CHEAPO homebrand packet chocolate cake mix, a can of coke and some choc chips. Spread a layer of choc chips over the base of a microwave container (Tupperware, glass or ceramic are all fine). In a separate bowl mix together the cake mix and coke and spread over the choc chips. Pop on a lid and microwave for about 4 mins (or longer - depending on your microwave). Swipe a knife around the edge of the cake and invert onto a plate. Scrape out any chocolate that's stuck to the bottom of the container and spread it over the cake. It's your gooey warm icing. EAT WARM! I had some peanut butter choc chips which I mixed in with choc chips and it was GOOD! I haven't tried but you can play with different flavours - vanilla cake with fanta and white choc chips for example.

Then we played some Wii Just Dance. We've only just bought it and so far I'm kicking butt in our household.

Lucy is the star of her household so she wanted to challenge me. Yes she beat me. But only JUST. I need some more practice I think.

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