Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well since I only work Thursdays and Fridays I would have only had a one day week this week. Tomorrow is my one and only public holiday for the year! I don't mind - I love working the end of the week. It's a completely different atmosphere to the beginning of the week. Anyway, I took today off so I could have a nice big break. :)

Today we went to the Fyshwick Markets - local fruit, veg, deli, butcher, fishmonger etc. I was going to buy fish for tomorrow night's dinner but the line was way out the door. It was crazy. I didn't bother waiting so we will have frozen crumbed fish for dinner instead! We came away with some yummy fruit and veges as well as fresh ravioli which we had for lunch. DIVINE!!

There's also an Asian Minimart which has some International junk food. :) Tassy got some Hello Panda, Dave got his favourite coffee lollies and I got lots of cool flavoured M&Ms and Reese's Pieces! Pretzel and coconut M&Ms are new ones to me!

Yesterday while I was sewing Tassy made some little Blu Tack sculptures. So funny I had to share. :) LOL


Jammo Archer said...

Oh Tassy - how creative of her to model such cool little figures!!! KIM

Jammo Archer said...

Um, that would be ME..Jamison must be signed into this computer.
ooops. KIM

Sheree said...

How cute are those little blu-tack people! Tassy is very clever. :)

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Love the sculptures! Wow, your quilt in the previous post is stunning!

Mardi said...

rofl...what cute little blutack people....clever Tassy!!

Charlotte said...

Lol at the Blu tak guys! She's so creative!
Yummy looking veggies :) Love the fresh produce markets. I'm hoping Peabody and I can have some lovely outings to markets once he/she's born! I know the inner west suburbs have some awesome farmer's gate markets.
I got the Coconut M&M's in Hawaii! They were nice but only if you eat them about 5 at a time, cos then the fake coconut flavour hits you!

green tea and red nails said...

vegies look awesome!! nothing like fresh from the market :)

have a fabulous weekend - Kel x