Saturday, April 16, 2011

Page for Cooper

Mum sent me photos and journalling for this page for my nephew. Thanks Mum! Tassy loves this little beach too. She loves the sand and the rockpools... and the water of course. Not the best for swimming cos it's actually a little harbour, but nice to paddle in. And there's a great pirate themed park just off the beach too. Made for toddlers really - Tassy is getting a bit old for that and it didn't even get a look in last time we were there. I hope you like the page Fliss! :)

In other news... I was so thrilled to find a gorgeous crochet lap quilt in the Op Shop. I've been on the lookout for a nice one for ages. There were actually quite a few similar ones there at the same time but I was strong and only bought one. I'm guessing they were all made by the same person. And also a vintage sheet for the fat quarter swap I'm in.

I also picked up three little smoked glasses which I just love. They are such a beautiful shape and the perfect size for our orange juice in the morning.


Charlotte said...

Love the page, man Cooper looks so grown up in that first pic!
I love that you've used vintage BG paper with those bright scraps of paper on top, genious! You inspire me!
Did you see the grey and yellow crochet blankie I bought for Peabody from the Hospital Auxillary at one of our Antenatal visits? I loved it!

WV: termali
That's one hot termali!

Sheree said...

Oooh gorgeous page Yvette...and i love the crochet blanket you found!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Gorgeous layout for Cooper lovely that your Mum helped out with the photos and journaling too.
Great Op shop find...score!
Mardi xx

Felicity said...

I love it! Thank you :-) I've got some to send you too... When I can get them out of my head!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it;s been so long since I visited your blog! You have been up to lots! I love your Cooper layout.
Seeing your op shop finds reminds me about our excursion - hopefully soon!
I am beavering away on my thesis at the moment.
Talk soon,
Moi x
WV: mirra - 'When I was at the op shop I saw an old mirra that would be great in our bathroom.'