Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Craft

We did a few reeeeeally simple crafty things for Easter. We saw both of these on Tamar's blog and I love a quick simple craft to do with Tassy!

Actually it was Tassy who saw these on Tamar's blog - she likes to hang around sometimes while I'm blog surfing. :) She was super keen to make bunny ears for her little Blythe doll. I took this photo today - Tassy is still wearing bunny ears... to the shops and all (she went to Jazzercise with me too). I love that she's not embarrassed, or thinking she's too old to wear bunny ears.

Then this really cute tumbling bunny - instructions here. So easy - print out the bunny template, tape the bunny together with two marbles inside and off he goes down a slope! At first he just wanted to slide down the slope but I went back to the instructions and read that you need a surface that's not too slick, so put some fabric over our slope and that did the trick!


Sheree said...

Looks like fun Yvette...and how sweet does Tassy's blythe look in those bunny ears! Very cute.

Sheree xx

Lea said...

Very cute bunny ears on Tassy and dolly. We arrived home yesterday. Boo was very pleased to received Tassy's letter and has written back already. I'll pop it in the post tomorrow ok:)

Gail L said...

Hi Yvette! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I've actually been visiting yours for some time now! Excited to be "creating" along side you for Tamar!