Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sienna's Christmas Stocking

I've been working on this Christmas stocking all year and I finished it just in time for Christmas. Well, ideally I would have finished it before 1 December, but at least it was received by my niece Sienna a few days before Christmas. Here's a post about the one I made for my nephew Cooper last year.

I love these heirloom stockings and I'm still planning on making one for each of my nieces and nephews. So I have at least two more to make for now - one for Lara and one for my sister Alicia's baby due in June.

Here's Tassy with the owl bookmark and card she made for her teacher. She also made one for her lovely piano teacher. Check out her pride (and early morning hair).


Lea said...

Ohhh I wish I could make one like that! I think it's really good.I am stitching flowers onto a little handbag I got in a pack. I think Yvette's stocking is really good.
Love Bellax

Moira said...

Gorgeous stocking - well done!
And well done Tassy on the beautiful bookmark!

Charlotte said...

It's beautiful! I saw it in real life today, I love the french knots on the tree garland, it's such detailed work!
Great Work Tassy, I can't even tell the difference between your Owl and an Owl Mummy makes, she must be a good teacher, or you're a great learner!
See you soon!

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Sheree said...

Wow Yvette that stocking is amazing! You're so very clever.

Tassy's owl bookmark and card are very cute. She's done a wonderful job!

Sheree xx
ps. Merry Christmas!!!

Mardi said...

Oh look at you two clever chickies... Yvette....Siennas stocking is SO BEAUTIFUL.... I love this tradition you have with your niece's and nephews....its very special...and Tassy....you are very very clever too...thats an awesome owl..

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.. from our family to yours...
Mardi x