Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cooper's Christmas stocking

Mum reminded me two weeks ago that I should hurry up and finish Cooper's christmas stocking before Felicity went and bought him one herself! I had been secretly making him one, since before he was even conceived lol. I'd already finished the stitching and finally sewed it up into a stocking just before I went to Wollongong last weekend. Felicity loved it. I LOVE these heirloom stockings. I've made them for Dave, Tassy and I (all different designs) and I'm thinking I will make one for all my nieces and nephews... buuuuuut I'll see how that pans out, lol. :)Tassy and I have just spent the last two hours setting up our Christmas tree while listening to four of our Christmas albums in the background. I love Christmas!


kerry said...

That is beautiful i love cross stitched stokings too.My girlfriend made one for my daughter is is cherished here.take care Kerry xx

Rach said...

Yvette this is amazing!
Truly something to treasure.

Sounds like you have had a wonderful day doing the Christmas tree.

Happy first day of December for tomorrow.

Rachie xx

P.S Yes you are right Zara's hair did not not cost us 400! Ouch!
You need a quick trip to Phuket :o)

Sheree said...

Oh Yvette this is absolutely stunning! What a fantastic gift! I used to cross stitch before I discovered scrapping and I've often thought about doing one for each of my kids. Yours is just so beautiful you clever thing!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

It is just so beautiful! I remember watching you stitch years ago and thinking just how fast you are!! But I know a project of this magnitude would have even taken you hours on end! I also know Felicity will really treasure it :) I hope you're still wanting to do them for all your neices and nephews by the time I have kids!!

LEA said...

omg you are a lunatic! never in a gazillion years would i ever have the patience!!! it's beautiful!

Wendy Smith said...

wow...what a lot of work has gone into that stocking,....beautiful

Janinek said...

Wow that would have taken ages to do! Looks fab! BTW I love the LO from the LO swap! Mind you, it would be pretty hard if you were the last person to receive the LO! I reckon I would struggle with what else to add.

Felicity said...

I do LOVE it!! Its SO special!! Matt couldn't believe how much work was in it and said it was awesome and must have taken you FOREVER!! Cooper will treasure it too i'm sure! Look forward to filling it! :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

OMG - Amazing stockings Yvette!! I know how long it took me to make 2 - I can only imagine how long it took you to make four of them. I love getting mine out each Christmas - I am sure your nephew's will be a cherished heirloom. I was very excited to see that someone else has made them up too :)