Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can you help?

Southern Cross Kids Camps are asking for our help in creating memory books for abused and at risk kids. Basically they're after very simple 6x6inch layouts with room for a standard 4x6 photo. See here for more info.

I got busy today and made about 40 pages just using up my scraps! They're so simple they didn't take long at all. I'm also happy to be sending them lots of ribbons, brads and letters from my stash for the kids to get creative with. Here are most of the pages I did today. I love to use up my stash and when it's this simple, and for a fantastic cause, I couldn't be happier! Want to join me? :D


Mardi said...

Love your photos froom your weekend away in your last post Yvette.....Cooper is such a cutie...and your Mums sale goodies are just BEAUTIFUL!

Now....back to this post....I would love to contribute to this....I didnt last year as everything went pear shaped around now....but Ill definitly get involved this year.
Mardi x

kerry said...

thats fantastic Yvette im sure they will appreciate them.take care Kerry xx

helen k said...

I'm a definite Yvette - what a lovely idea and your pages are so fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so good, girlie!!! They look so good - you should add your name, so when the kids spot your name in mags etc they can know they've a connection with such a famous & talented scrapper!!

I love your engergy - you go girl!

Moi said...

Good on you for doing that Yvette! I will *at some stage* ... sigh! Have missed you lately. Will get in touch soon. xx

Jules said...

Hey Yvette!!

Your pages look awesome!!
They are going to look sensational and make another two little kids hearts feel that much more cared for!!

I look forward to getting them and Thank you for your kind support!


Charlotte said...

I am so inspired by this! When I first read your email my brain went straight away to my stash and thought of all the stuff I knew I wouldn't use but didn't know what to do with!! I have made 6 pages already (I could NEVER keep up with your 40 in one night!!).. so thanks for the heads up on this one, I'm so loving using up some stuff and knowing that it's going to a good home!
BTW my security word is "Borsurfa" which I think is how they say Boardsurfer out west ;)

Wendy Smith said...

great effort Yvette.

I have over 250 here to send off that the girls that I crop with and I have whipped up in the past few weeks..

Felicity said...

Thats tastic Yvette! What a great idea and i cant believe how many you've churned out. You are a scrapbooking machine!!

Felicity said...

that was supposed to be "fantastic". Dont know what happened there... the computer turned westie!!