Wednesday, September 03, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Last week I had to drive Dave to work mid morning.  It's a 45 minute round trip so I decided to make it worth my while.  First I rewarded the chauffeur by taking myself to San Churro for hot chocolate (REAL hot chocolate - there is no substitute!) and churros with caramel dipping sauce.  Really, that probably would have been enough of a reward in itself, but I decided to take myself to the three op shops near his office.  First up was the fairly new Smith Family op shop which is massively overpriced.  Like ridiculously so.  I would have bought myself a pair of men's Gap oxford shoes if they weren't $38 (I googled and I could buy them brand new for $41!).  I did however buy 2 Judy Blume books (turns out I already had them with different covers - do'h), 10 zippers and this dress.

I really loved the fabric, the neckline and the sleeves, and it's fully lined.  But I really didn't like the high waistline.  It made the dress feel like a big sack and wasn't flattering at all.  After pondering it for the afternoon I realised the gathered waistband wasn't gathered after all - it had pleats!  So I sewed them down, wore a belt lower than the seam and now it's so much better! 

I bought this sweet brooch from a girl I follow on Instagram.  It's made from a vintage puzzle piece.  So adorable!

And these are my new shoes from Modcloth.  Unfortunately they're a bit small.  They're wearable, just not for days involving lots of walking.

They do go perfectly with my jacket tho. :D

Dress - Op shop (it's a unknown Asian brand)
Jacket - Material Pleasures second-hand clothing store (Caroline K Morgan)
Belt - Yes Style
Brooch - Butter and Buntings
Shoes - Modcloth

I got a few other pieces of clothing in Vinnies and Salvos that day so I'll share them here soon!


Samantha Woods said...

I tried the caramel dipping sauce at San Churro on Sunday and I loved it! But it's not as good as the white chocolate dipping sauce ;)
This outfit is just perfect in every way. I'm really glad you brought the dress and altered it :)
Hopefully the shoes stretch!
Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Yellow sure looks good on you. I have a lot of Caroline Morgan stuff. The dress is very retro, is it wool? you are doing a brilliant job with your dressmaking. love you AAJ

Anonymous said...

I love the way your chaffeur got rewarded. Alexia asked for Churros last weekend. We suggested she eat her main and then see if she had room. She ordered and paid for them herself. But when they came they were covered in sugar and she was devastated. Just not what she can eat. Nothing like what she usually knows as churros. They were shared around the table instead. I felt heartbroken for her. aaj

ButterandBuntings said...

oh hooray! Thanks for mentioning my brooch!! x

Mardi said...

Love love love this outfit...and that jacket is a stunner. Interested to see its Caroline Morgan....I've had a few of her pieces turning up in my wardrobe of late...its a brand Ill be watching out for.
That brooch is super sweet too.
Mardi xx

Kellie said...

The cutest out fit! The yellow is amazing as it's not too bright but it's there and scream HAPPY.

Maria said...

Just read you interview at One Crafty Mumma! loved it I am now a follower.