Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

I bought this cherry fabric at Lincraft recently in a 40% off fabric sale.  I LOVE SALES!  I only bought one metre because that's all I'd need to make a skirt.  Afterwards I realised the border print was only along one selvedge, which meant the border wouldn't go all around the hem of the skirt, so I went back to Lincraft to buy another metre... Of course I wasn't the only one with such fantastic taste in fabric, so unfortunately it was all sold out!  As were all the other Lincraft stores in Canberra.  So it sat in a bag for a two or three months because I couldn't decide how I would utilise the border print.  Should I have it only on the front hem?  Or use it in the waistband?  Or run it up a side seam?  In the end I decided to just have it on the front hem.  And I can't see the back when I'm wearing it, so I'm pretty satisfied LOL.


Top - Modcloth
Skirt - Made by me
Shoes - Ernest Wyler


Car said...

Wow, that is a pn awesome skirt! Love your wardrobe!

Zara said...

A beautiful skirt. Cherries make for such a cheerful print.