Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chambers Family Christmas Party

We went to Sydney last weekend for my the annual Christmas Party with my cousins. We only get to go every second year - the year we have Christmas day in Canberra with Dave's family. It was such a great party - over far too quickly - I never get to spend enough time with anybody!

Here I am with my sisters and parents.

Sienna giving Xander a hand.

All the Chambers great grandchildren.

A welcome visitor.

One half of the table.

With Kirrilly.

Jaimeson recently started walking by himself (photo indicates he needs help, but he doesn't).

Shelley's awesome bomb alaska.

Cookie swap!

I was so happy Dave suggested staying an extra night at mum and dad's in Wollongong. It meant we got to have a whole day with them.

Then we came home and had a very quiet Christmas Day with just us and Dave's parents. I think it was our smallest, quietest Christmas ever!

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Charlotte said...

I love Tassy's blue spotty swimmers! So cute!
I do enjoy the Chambers Family Christmas, but this year with Jaimeson walking around, I kept trying to find him and make sure he's ok. I forgot Kirrilly's girls are such good babysitters! They always had good care of him!