Friday, December 21, 2012

Vintage shopping in Goulburn

Tassy and I called into Goulburn on our way to Wollongong last week. We had stopped at the Big Merino before, but it wasn't until I watched Charlie and Boots a few months ago that I realised you could actually go inside it LOL.

Here Tassy is looking out one of the merino's eyes. She was pretty freaked out when we were inside!

I wanted to go to a few op shops. Vinnies was closed (I was warned by Charlotte that they have stupid opening hours, even though the Vinnies website said they're open Mon-Fri 9-5). But right next door was the most awesome second hand store called Tony's Handyman Centre. What a strange name for a second hand store...

Right inside the door was a glass cabinet with this beautiful little girl inside. When I saw she was only $1 I thought YIPPEE, this will be an awesome shop!

I think she's probably a milkmaid and used to have a butter churn, but even with that missing I still love her.

I found some gorgeous Pyrex. Strange pricing - the pie dish was $5 but the gorgeous casserole dish was only $2!

These glasses were $1 each - how shocked am I that Dave likes them!

Lovely old Famous Five books. I think they were $1 each. I have plans to repurpose one of them. Can't wait to get started on that after Christmas is out of the way!

Sweet, tiny little handpainted plates were $1 each.

Some black poplin, houndstooth, and an interesting length of a wide fabric trim. Oh, and the sheet that I photographed everything on.

And as I went to the counter I spied a box of Christmas things and whipped out some 1970s Christmas wrapping paper, never used! Do you remember the old seventies Woolies logo? These were $1.50 each I think - they'd only just been brought in and they hadn't been taken out of the box yet. I didn't realise I was helping myself LOL. The little tablecloth is in good condition apart from a few stains.

Tony's wife told us her life story and boy did she love Tassy! She gave her lots of freebies and said "Anything you want to buy you get for half price. Not your mum, just you." LOL. Hmmmm.... I think Tassy really wants to buy one of the old family bibles you have for $500 each!

In the oppie across the road I got the gingerbread moulds and in the oppie around the corner I got two Pyrex lids. One fits one of my lidless dishes, so YAY!

I was thrilled with my Goulburn op shopping! And I didn't even get to two other oppies I'd bookmarked!


Charlotte said...

Yay for the treasures!! I LOVE the Milkmaid too, she's so cute!!
I have that scrolly orange Pyrex dish! In round, and the rectangle casserole :) Let me know if you ever need more matching ones for a Pyrex dinner party, I can lend you mine. LOL!
I'm so glad you liked the shop, I'd love to go back there too. I'm sure there would be great treasures to find every time you stopped in!

Lea said...

Love the rose tablecloth of course. And the wrapping and the woolies logo..yes. My mum used to work at woolies and my dad and I had dinner on Thursday nights in he woolies cafeteria. Fish n chips him, cinnamon donuts me.