Friday, September 21, 2012

Tharwa Fair

We live right on the edge of Canberra, about 5 minutes away from the tiny little town of Tharwa. We went to the Tharwa Fair on the weekend. Did I mention the town is tiny? There's a school, which closed a few years ago and is now just a Preschool, and there's a general store / antique store and maybe ten houses. So it's a little fair.

The highlight for me was HANDS DOWN the four newborn lambs. I happily hung out with them and let them chew on my fingers for ages. Tassy loved them too. I could SO easily have brought one home with me. Oh how I love them. I was in heaven.

You could tell it was a country fair...

We've seen this same reptile display at several fairs - we always love the guys you can touch. There are a few lizards and a tortoise. And snakes and goannas in cages, and snakes wrapped around the owners.

And I ducked over to the general store for a look.

Fancy a five piece set of 1930s kitchen cannisters for $625?

Some creepy but fascinating shadow puppets.

Not a bad way to spend a lazy hour on a Sunday afternoon.


Charlotte said...

Oh those lambs are GORGEOUS!! What a sweet little fair! Did u buy a raffle ticket or did u sacrifice it for someone who actually has a fireplace? Totally creepy shadow puppets. Agreed!

Granny Janny said...

Don't you love country fairs? I'm still waiting for Dad to take me to Berry's or Moss Vale's. It's a bit late in the season to win a truck load of firewood!!
Love Mum