Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Snow scraps

Just sharing some layouts I did recently. The first one is about the snowman we made on our trip to Perisher recently. Aint he the cutest.

And then I got all nostalgic and wanted to record the first time my family went to the snow - when I was 11. Just like our recent trip, we wagged school and work to go. LOL


sky-blu-pink said...

Oh these are lovely! I must forward this to my friend Susan, who has just started scrapbooking; she will love them! I have resisted temptation so far, I know how addictive it will be. maybe when I am retired with time in my hands.......!

Granny Janny said...

I love them Yvette. I wouldn't say 'wagging school'. It was an educational excursion. I bet there are still people from your school classes who have still never seen snow!! I would love to have a couple of says holiday in the snow. I have stayed at Thredbo with no snow but would LOVE to see it under snow. Perhaps also Zermatt in Switzerland. I saw it with no snow too. Love Mum

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous pages! I LOVE those pics of us at the snow in 1984. So cute!
I love that you didn't use blue on your snow LO. I always use blue for snow and its boring! The green is much cooler!