Friday, September 07, 2012

Book Week Parade

I meant to share Tassy's Book Week costume weeks ago!

These days she likes to plan her costume before there's any mention of book week at school. Cos we don't get much notice. So she's been talking about her book week costume for months. She decided on Alice in Wonderland. For a few reasons - we read the book a year or two ago, I like her to use things we already have at home for her costume, and I insist on the character actually being from a book. Gee I sound bossy don't I. It just annoys me when I see princesses and superheroes at book week.

So we picked a white top, a blue dress and I made an apron using some calico from my stash. Tassy stripped a rabbit that my mum had made about 20 years ago, and made him a felt vest and felt pocket watch. She made them all herself and I was pretty impressed!


sky-blu-pink said...

What a pretty Alice!

Brenda said...

Tassie looks so pretty! She has a great costume.

Charlotte said...

Great job on the vest and watch Tassy, and great job on the overall costume Mummy!
What do you mean no princesses or superheros? Comics are books too aren't they? (Back me up here Tassy. They're made of paper and assembled like a book and contain stories- is that not a book?) LOL!
You made a gorgeous Alice, Tassy!

Granny Janny said...

Tassy I'm so pleased you have inherited the sewing, crafting talent like all Kingman girls. You look so sweet. Great to see the rabbit getting an airing after so many years.
Love Granny