Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Snow!

Tassy's special request for her birthday was to go to the snow for the first time. So finally, three months later, we went to Perisher.

We had planned to go last Friday but since there was a blizzard we rescheduled. And I'm so glad we did. The weather was GLORIOUS. And that's not a word I use often!

We hired a toboggan on the way there. It was good, cheap fun! And boy, good exercise walking up that hill!

The snow was so pretty and sparkly.

I loved our little snowman! Bonjour! We went back to see him an hour later and he'd been demolished. :(

My cousin told me there are some pretty interesting fashion statements at the snow. How do you like this 80s number?

It was a pretty cheap day out for us. We borrowed snow pants, boots and gloves and brought our own food. All we paid for was...
Petrol= $50
Toboggan hire = $12
National Park entry = $27

And Tassy said it was the best day ever!


Lea said...

I am so glad you went. It looks like you all had a wonderful day. I love snow pictures. Gorgeous! I hope you'll be doing a day trip every year now.

Granny Janny said...

What great photos. You all look like your having such a great time. Yes Yvette the day looks glorious! Good decision made to hold off until yesterday.
Were your snow clothes fashionable? I remember when Charlotte went skiing with Petra's family in Germany, she got to wear Petra's mum's old 80's snow gear. It was similar to that pink number. Petra said she wouldn't be caught dead in it, but Charlotte could wear it.
You'll have to go again sometime...and take Granny and Papa.
Love Mum

sky-blu-pink said...

Lovely! We are enjoying the last rays of sunshine, so it is fun to look at what you have been doing in the snow!

Charlotte said...

Awesome awesome pics! What a great day it looks like! And not many people around either by the looks of it, so not many obstacles to avoid while tobogganing!
Bonjour is just gorgeous! He's so stylish! I like his waving arm :) U know what Highlander says " better to burn out ( get squished) than to fade away! (melt!)"
That 80s number is so hot. I wish I owned it. My suit in Germany was delightfully described by Firman as thus: "you look like a bag of regurgitated coloured popcorn". Awesome!
I expect to see your pants make an appearance on WIWW, cos they're so fashionable I'm sure you'll want to wear them around Canberra. Won't u fit right in? Ha!!