Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mount Stromlo

As promised here are some pics of our little outing to Mount Stromlo cafe for lunch. We were a bit early for lunch so went to a picnic/camping area nearby, on the river. There was a whole lot of water gushing out of a pipe into the river. It was pretty loud and spectacular and we just hoped it was meant to be gushing. :)

Tassy did a little podium dancing. I call this one "The Lorax".

We had lunch at the cafe, which was packed, but not very pretty so I didn't take any photos inside. I love the observatories from the outside... but there's really nothing for visitors to do there! You can't go into the observatories and there's no visitor's info centre.

I took this photo thru a window of an observatory. Doesn't look like it's in use.

One of the observatories was burnt out in bushfires a few years ago so that was one we COULD go inside.

It was a bit of a fizzer as a tourist destination but we had a nice little outing. If you're in Canberra and wanting to fill your astronomical desires, this place is way cool and has a great tourist centre. We've been there lots of times and I still get a thrill driving thru paddocks and coming across enormous satellite dishes.


Mardi said...

I am sure we visited there many years ago on a family holiday...I don't remember much about it other than it popped out of the landscape.. and looked like it would be interesting.
I cant believe how long Tassys hair is these days!!
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Great photos Yvette. Will they restore the Observatory or do anything with it in the future, do you think?
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

Bummer that you can't go in & they don't have anything like a visitor's centre. I was amazed when we went out to Parkes and all of a sudden could see the giant dish across the sheep fields! as we drove along It was awesome!!
What's a lorax?