Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Dave had a little cabin fever last weekend so I suggested a trip to Mount Stromlo Obvervatory, to the cafe there for lunch. I'll share photos of our little outing soon. In the meantime, here's what I wore.

The boots look a bit pink here, but they're actually red.

Dress - Temt ($15!)
Jacket - River Island (birthday present from my sister alicia)
Leggings - Target
Boots - Modcloth
Necklace - Modcloth
Bag - YesStyle


Anonymous said...

Wow, although I think the dress is a bit short (Oh is that the 'Mum' coming out in me. I love the Robin Hood boots, oh no if he'd had those he couldn't have hidden in the forest, could he. You look very cool Yvette. I still love WIWW.
Love Mum

Mardi said...

Love it Yvette.....those boots are GORGEOUS....and so is your necklace!!! You always have the coolest little treasures in your wardrobe.
Mardi x

Felicity said...

I love your necklace!! Gorgeous!!

Charlotte said...

I LOVE that necklace, it's still in my modcloth basket. I really should go through all my jewellry and send some to the op shop before I get more! I already sent off a big bag of old earrings recently!
I love the colourful shoes! So cool.