Sunday, April 22, 2012

A sketching outing

Tassy loves to draw. A lot. She has always done what I would call cartoony style drawings. But the other day, she sketched a chair. A realistic looking chair. I was so impressed that I said I'd take her on an excursion on the weekend to do some sketching. Well she was SUPER excited, and I was a bit surprised at that! She really wanted to buy some supplies first. All we really needed were some good sized sketching pads cos we have an good supply of leads, graphite pencils, watercolours and pastels. But we ended up buying charcoal rods, charcoal pencils and oil pastels. All from our local cheapo shop.

We went to Lanyon Homestead for our little excursion. First we sat on a picnic rug in the sun which was so nice but later we moved to a table so we could have milkshakes and brownies while we continued. :)

Here is the scene we were sketching first. The milking shed and machinery shed and surrounds.

Here's my sketch...

and here's Tassy's. She decided to just sketch the machinery shed.

Tassy was quicker than me so she went on to do sketch this fence.

We wandered around and took a few photos.

We didn't pay to go inside the homestead so I just took this pic thru a window. ;)

We finished up sketching this bench while we listened to a wedding ceremony happening nearby. Now we know all about Linda gyrating to "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it" at Ray... apparently.

Tassy's sketch...

and mine...

She didn't want to stop once we got in the car so she drew this on the way home. It's her hand holding a tiny branch of pine needles.

We had such a lovely morning. I was so impressed with Tassy's sketching and she is keen to do it again. Maybe with Granny when she visits - she's a good artist. :)


Lea said...

Tassy did a fantastic job with her sketching. looks like someone is enjoying their new phone too;) LOVE all your pics. I always loved it at the homestead too.

Liz said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit. Love the sketches - nice to do something different.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Charlotte said...

Fantastic drawings!! By BOTH of you! Tassy's are so good! She's growing up! No cartoony drawings, but realistic ones! WOW!
Such beautiful pics. I love the frame that looks like a polaroid. How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

You're a great sketcher and I see Tassy is following in your footsteps! xx