Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy One Hundredth!

Today is Auntie Dot's 100th birthday!

Auntie Dot is my Grandpa's sister. She was a war bride and moved to her husband's homeland of Alaska in the 1940s. She has returned home lots of times tho and has stayed with our family several times while I was growing up, and with Dave and I in Canberra too. So we've seen lots of Auntie Dot over the years.

Here we are in HAWAII with her in 1990. We had a big family reunion holiday there with our cousins and Auntie Dot's sons and their wives.

My parents and my Auntie and Uncle have gone to Alaska for her 100th! I'm so thrilled for them. My parents have always wanted to go to Alaska to visit her.

Here are some snaps from her last visit to Australia, about four years ago (yes, travelling around the world at 96!).

Here she is, in the cool sunnies, with her four sons and her elderly cousin. Auntie Dot isn't really that short - it's just that her sons are SO TALL! The shortest is about 6'2" and the tallest is 6'8"!

He he... spot the Alaskan tourists in their socks and slides.

Here we are at the National War Memorial. Look how little Tassy is. :) And look how short I look next to all the tallies! I loved that. :)

Happy one hundredth birthday Auntie Dot!

Edited to add... I meant to include this link to a SMH article on Auntie Dot back in 1957. It really is fascinating!


sky-blu-pink said...

A very Happy Birthday to Auntie Dot! I had an Auntie Dot too, my Nana's sister,an amazing lady too;sadly she didn't make it to 100. Lovely pics!

Lea said...

oh i like this post. love the pics and happy bday to Aunty Dot. What an achievement!

Granny Janny said...

Mike, Linda @ John said, 'we are normal, you are short'. They loved the photos & text, brought back many happy memories.
Love dad

Anonymous said...

That's cool. Reminds me of the song by the Waifs, 'Bridal Train'. xx