Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the crochet head wrap! Not made by me, but modelled by me for WIWW. Mum made it when she stayed with us a month or so ago. I wore it to work the day after she made it (just till I got to my desk) and the guy who sits next to me promptly ordered one for his girlfriend! I wore it again last week and got four more orders! Mum is pretty darn stoked! Don't you love it?

Here's what I wore under my warm jacket...

Head Wrap - made by Granny Janny
Coat - Target
Pants - Just Jeans
Top - Portmans
Cardi - Temt
Shoes - Draven
Necklace - Elk
Cuff - a serviette ring

Now a funny thing about that cardi. I was going thru my cupboard looking for something to wear to work and I found this cardi. I had NO recollection of buying it. I must have bought it about 6 months ago but hadn't seen it since. I did a happy dance to find a new piece of clothing in my cupboard! I love the frills and the length of the sleeves. I'm not too crash hot on the colour, but meh. I was telling some friends at work about my discovery and they said "I remember when you bought it! And you said exactly the same thing about the frills and the colour!" LOL


Keira said...
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Zara said...

You look beautiful Yvette.
The head wrap is perfect for the cooler weather. I can see why the orders are coming in, it is lovely. x

Lis said...

WOW the headband is gorgeous (i so wish i looked good with them on lol) your mum must be so thrilled!!
haha on the cardi, nice to find something you forgot about, its like buying something new all over again.
You could always dye the cardi a different colour ?

nicole said...

very sweet headband!
i love that you had the same reaction even though you don't remember! very funny!

Lea said...

SO great! You look lovely as always and yay for Granny! Very cool.

Charlotte said...

I love the headband! I very briefly had a red one- it was in my hand at the show- then Mum got the email about your workmate and back to her it went! D'oh! Now I gotta wait a month for another one! Lol! But I'd rather she have the money for it :)

Shandell said...

The headband is gorgeous!! Your mum is very talented :)

Anonymous said...

Your headwrap is lovely! Can I order one? Moi xx