Friday, March 30, 2012

Cross Country

Tassy's school had their Cross Country event this week. She REALLY didn't want to do it and wanted to have the day off "sick". I said no way, she had to give it a go - "Imagine if the kids who didn't like Maths wanted to stay home sick every time they had Maths! They'd never be at school! Be grateful this is only once a year!". Last year she came last in her age group.

So she finally submitted and went in the race. She was a bit distracted by the fact that they didn't have to wear school uniform but were encouraged to wear house colours. ;) So she chose her very non-athletic looking outfit. It's such a long race. I couldn't do it! She ran and walked, but ran a lot more than I expected. After she finished she said "I think I came fourth!". I had watched the race but had no idea that only three girls had finished (waaaaaaay) before her! LOL. So she qualified to go to the zone carnival! So funny. For someone who didn't want to race at all - she nows gets to do it all again!


Lis said...

Yay Tassy!! Thats awesome, good luck at Zones.
My 14 yr old was the same he asked to stay hope and was told no, he has placed in the last lot every year so far, well this year he came 11th in his age group and 87th out of all the senior boys (about 250) so proud!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Tassy gave the long run a go.... great work. Elise came 9th in hers and Blakie, with all his asthma trouble of recent weeks came amazingly.. 5th. Those long legs of Tassy's would have got a great work out. Love aaj

Sheree said...

Well done Tassy!!! That's such a great achievement!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tassy!