Monday, February 06, 2012


We spent last week at Narooma on the NSW South Coast. It was a lovely way to spend the last week of the school holidays. The weather wasn't great beachy weather but we enjoyed eating out, visiting neighbouring village shops, going rock pooling and walking on the beach. Dave and Tassy had a little swim the first morning but the rest of the time was too cold for swimming (including that first morning if you ask me!).

Mum, you said you wanted to see some photos. Make yourself comfortable!

Tassy collected heaps of shells and did a little bit of shell art in our apartment. I spy with my little eye... something beginning with F... and something beginning with P...

Can you see the crab?

I love a close up of grains of sand. Look at all the colours... clear, yellow, orange, brown and black.

My favourite meal was a dozen mussels in a thai broth - soooooo delicious.


Sheree said...

What a great way to end the holidays Yvette! Beautiful photos!!

Sheree xx

Lea said...

Looks like all 3 had a happy, happy time away. My goodness Tassy looks so grown up. Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Tassy looks so grown up in the top photos but then the second one brings her back to 9 years old again in her little short dress. The photos are all gorgeous. I love the one of you reading, and the sand, and Tassy's artistic impressions. Looks like Dave had fun too doing the Dad thing, splashing. Looks like you all had a lovely time. Mmm muscles? No thanks.
Love Mum