Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today we feature some location shots for this edition of What I Wore Wednesday. It was a cool but fine day at Wollongong Harbour a few days after Christmas.

Hat - Christmas present from Mum
Top/Dress - bought in a boutique in Thirroul (Wollongong)
Cardi - Basque (hand me down from Alicia)
Jeans - Sussan
Shoes - gift from Mum last Christmas
Necklace - Christmas present from Alicia
Cuff - a serviette ring I bought in Spotlight for $1 after Christmas
Sienna - offspring of Felicity


Lis said...

Anoter very classy outfit, clove the colours in your top and wow who would of ever thought of a serviete ring as a bracelet it rocks!!

Charlotte said...

Oh and I was wondering where I can buy myself a Sienna?! Lol! Love the necklace! She pinned u with that one :) An I love the top! Did you like Thirroul? Nice shops? When Will & I visited I thought they had some nice ones.

Sheree said...

What a fabulous outfit Yvette! Love that top and your cute hat! Your necklace is gorgeous too!

Sheree xx

Lotti said...

That bracelet is gorgeous .... I love it ... so different and interesting .... and love the colour. You'd never know it was a serviette ring

Janelle Wind said...

I love your outfit Yvette, you look so beautiful and stylish. I have to say that I think the serviette ring as a bracelet is a wonderful idea. You are very clever!! xx Janelle