Thursday, January 05, 2012

An outing on a train

Mum had always wanted to take Tassy on the train so last week when we stayed with them she got her wish. Tassy had only been on a steam train before, not an every day commuter. We drove to Fairy Meadow station. As we were going down the steps to the platform an empty coal train came through. It was SO exciting! About 100 cars long, going full speed through the station - it took such a long time to pass thru cos it was so long! That was a very exciting start.

Here comes our train to Thirroul.

Granny and Papa told us how different it was in the seventies when they caught the train to work. There were no lines on the platform for you to stand behind. The doors on the train stayed open all the time and people would jump onto and off a moving train. It's all very safety conscious nowadays.

Tassy was a bit underwhelmed by the train we caught. She thought it was "just like a bus". I LOVE trains. Dave took his bike to Wollongong with us and went for a ride most days. He rode to Thirroul and I was amazed that he beat us there! On a pushbike! LOL. I guess it did take us a while to park and walk and wait for the train.

We had a coffee and a nice little walk around some shops then caught the train home again.


Sheree said...

Sounds like a fun day out Yvette! We love trains too...although we haven't been on one for a looong time!

Sheree xx

Lotti said...

Sounds like a good day. I used to live in Melbourne and catch the trains regularly, but now that I'm living in Adelaide I haven't caught the train once since I've been living here. It's something that I do miss,I must admit ... but I have a car here which I didn't have in Melbourne. Public transport here is more about buses than trains.

Charlotte said...

Lol that she was underwhelmed! That looks like a nice train tho. Maybe she should come visit me & catch the "low-socioeconomic trains" they send on my line. You know- no air con, graffitied, stinky old rattlers. Last year after Melbourne we caught one home from the airport but it was 40 degrees outside & about 50 degrees in the tin train & I was pregnant. My feet swelled up so bad & I thought my head would pop from the heat! Prob should have caught a taxi!!

Wv: paryt
A talking bird :)

Lis said...

I think I was excited like that when we first moved to Qld, no passenger trains in Tassie so it was a whole new experience for us, I loved it.