Monday, January 02, 2012

And that was Christmas

We are home from spending the last eight days with my parents in Wollongong. Mum and Dad are great hosts - you won't go hungry at their place! They have a pool but for some reason whenever we visit it's never HOT. It was a little warm, so Tassy, Granny & Papa and the other grandchildren swam, but it wasn't hot enough for the rest of us. Of course now that we're home it's perfect swimming weather! Now that we're nowhere near a pool! Lucky we have air conditioning. :)

My sisters and their families were all there (minus one hubby) on Boxing Day so we got a family photo. I'll have to photoshop the missing hubby in.

And YAY we got a photo of the grandchildren. We didn't manage it on our big family holiday a few months ago.

That photo of the children at their grandparents' reminds me of this photo taken at OUR grandparents'. Not sure why I'm cringing...


Charlotte said...

Hey yeah, that pic does look like the old pic of you guys! But where's the Asian in your pic? Hahahahaha!!
Tassy is such a good Big-Sister-Cousin! Look at all her little cousins!

Sheree said...

Must've been so much fun being there together! Great pics Yvette!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Love your post. Great photos. I haven't looked at mine yet. It was great having you all, even though it was busy. I looked back and smile with a warm fuzzy feeling.
We never even thought of age order for the grandchildren's photo! We were lucky to just get them all in.
Love Mum

WV: straggely
What a straggely looking bunch.

Lea said...

perfect! cant wait to hear more about it. Happy New Year, CANNOT WAIT to see you!

Lis said...

Such great pictures of the family such a cute one of all the grandchildren.