Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sydney - Day 2 (part 2)

So in Part 1 of Day 2 I left you with us shopping. We decided not to waste time going back to the apartment but to head straight to Chinatown for an early dinner. We came across this shop... or should I say.... it SCREAMED out to us to come inside! Yes please! Isn't it so inviting! What a crazy, tiny, colourful, jam packed shop! I totally loved it. I was surprised there weren't more shops like it. However there were THREE (count them, THREE!) Morning Glory shops within about 100m of each other! I did buy one thing in this shop - a beautiful Chinese parasol. It was a bit like the parasols Tassy's Jazz class used in their end of year concert, only twice the size. You'll see it in pics near the end of the post.

We picked a restaurant, pondered over what to order for far too long, and ended up ordering a very guilo meal. I ordered us some green tea to negate the guilo food, but I don't think it worked.

We walked back to our Darling Harbour apartment through this fantastic playground. It was like 8pm at night, the weather was beautiful and the playground was PACKED. There was even The Sound of Music playing on a big screen next to the playground. It was lovely. The girls had a ball and ended up like beetroots.


Lea said...

lol about our dinner. so true!

Lotti said...

Oh I love those Chinese Lanterns ... they are gorgeous. I've always loved them, even as a young child. It brought back nice memories to see them in your post. Thanks for sharing that shop is so bright and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I have loved your posts of your trip to Sydney. So glad you experienced China Town. I've never been. I love the Shop and am thrilled you bought Tassy the gorgeous Chinese Parasol. I LOVE them and would have always wanted one as a child. I thought they would make a gorgeous light fitting. The Playground looks fantastic. What a memorable trip you and Lea gave your girls. So glad you enjoyed it sooo much.
We loved meeting up with you for a little while too.
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

What a great trip!! You should come again, soon!

Anonymous said...

The parasol is so cool!
Thanks for introducing me to the term guilo. ;)